Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 - a cold and snowy beginning

So far 2010 isn't too promising - snow dominates the globe and an unprecedented cold has mastered our once green fields without much intention of letting go. In the North of Holland, it has been a depressing few weeks and I am longing for spring.
What's not to like about spring? The weather starts to improve, cute lambs traipse about and colour returns to the earth in the form of flowers, plants and perfectly blue skies. Let us forget about the winter mists, the frozen earth, the empty streets and the grey landscapes that stretch out before us.

It has been the main reason for my hiatus regarding this blog. Who can write when winter dampens their spirits, transport stays asleep and the fireplace beckons? Such is my life at present and I am not alone in this predicament. Nevertheless, I will try to resume my weekly activities so I'll start 2010 with a few trailers for movies to watch this month. But first let's have some pretty pictures of the coming spring to prepare us for happier, sunnier times, wich are sure to come!

Don't you just feel the snow melting when you look at these pictures? Just close your eyes for a moment, visualise these images and imagine yourself there - between the flowers, taking in their scent, listening to the birds. We all need these small delights to look foward to; that rock concert next month, watching your favourite movie with friends or the coming spring. Happiness is in the small things.

Happiness is in watching a butterfly nourish itself from a flower or the clouds racing across the sky. It's not in winning 10 million, although it may seem that way at first. So does winter not offer any delights, then? Sure, it does. Drinking hot coacoa near the fire, cuddling on the sofa with that special someone when you're cold,  making photographs of a snow-coated landscape. But we get bored - it's what we do. Snow can only satisfy us for so long. The same cannot be said for spring. With its mild temperatures, it fails to annoy and with its pretty sights, it is sure to entertain.

It offers us many activities: going out for a picnic (how about trying high-tea British style?), exploring the woods to admire the waking wildlife, reading out of doors, painting some ridiculous stick-figure version of the family barbecue in the backyard, gardening or going hiking. So start planning, make a scrapbook of your spring plans and relish the anticipation. Before you'll know it, spring will come knocking on your door.

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  1. Was het maar weer lente.
    Geel, roze en kuikentjes. Nog even kou of regen, dan kruip ik weer in mijn dopje!