Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 reasons to watch the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games 2010 Vancounter
10 Reasons to watch

1. To check out the many cute boys and girls competing in tight outfits.
2. To cheer on our fellow countrymen and enjoy a rush of patriotic adrenaline.
3. To know what people are talking about and be able to join in the conversation.
4. As a distraction from a time of economical hardship.
5. For the thrill of watching an unknown win it all and know ''we were there from the beginning''.
6. To be reminded of our own dream and potential.
7. To keep an eye out for any scandal that might arise.
8. To broaden our horizons and explore different interests.
9. As an excuse to rub up against the boy/girl you like when your favourite wins.
10. Because it's the most exciting thing on TV right now!

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