Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I were Prime Minister.....

1. Shops would be open on Sunday. Who needs rest when we need new boots?
2. Education would actually be fun and include more languages, cultural courses (architecture, literature, etc) and PE would be divided into different sports to cater to all sorts of people.
3. Health insurance would actually be affordable.
4. Punishments would be more severe rather than the slap on the wrist we have now.
5. All immigrants who get on the wrong side of the law would be sent back to their home country.
6. Criminals would be subject to medical experimentation if human guinea pigs were necessary.
7. All the R-rated nonsense on TV would be banned to stop the demoralisation of society.
8. They would be replaced with sophisticated, educational programmes (but still entertaining)
9. We would break away from the farce that has become the Eurovision Song Contest. Time for a separate one.
10. The taxes would be lower and the ministers and celebrities would make less money.