Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ode to Christmas

The fairy queen assumes her throne
And bids her minions fetch her snow
And as she shivers – cold, alone
The fireflies to snowland row
Upon arrival, bags are stuffed
And soon presented to the queen
And so the snowflakes tip-toe down
And reach the earth, unforeseen

Standing tall, a fine tree sparkles
Makes our wintry houses gleam
We hold a beaker full of chocolate
With a dollop of whipped cream
Our parted lips embrace the sweetness
That this pleasure with it brings
And we’re greeted on the doorstep
By a boy who gaily sings

Next is the exchange of presents
Gift-wrapped sweet with poems too
Succeeded by a smile delighted
That affection wins anew
Socks are annually purchased
And accepted gracefully
But the Jackpot sweater given
Is the gift we long to see

Wondrous, too, our Christmas dinner
Pears prepared with a glühwein taste
Accompanied by a juicy turkey
Our cook need not yet be replaced
And so we eat and drink and laugh
And Christmas passes merrily
Let me say on your behalf
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

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