Friday, December 11, 2009

Museum Tip: Hermitage, Amsterdam

Yes, there is a Hermitage in Amsterdam too since recently and it's certainly worth a visit. Its Russian counterpart transported some of its regal treasures to the Netherlands for a lovely exposition entitled: At Russian Court.

It features some of the most beautiful costumes, paintings and accessories life with the Romanovs had to offer and is not to be missed. It is a very extensive exposition and the museum has been remodelled after the winter palace for this special occasion ie. a ball room with moving platforms that spins the gowns around and a throne room where Paul I's actual throne can be found facing a row of subjects.

Naturally, we were not allowed to take photographs, but I ''borrowed'' the following from newspapers, etc.

The dress above was one of my favourites. It dates from around 1820 and is truly princess-worthy! That being said, I wouldn't mind owning any of the displayed dresses. Or any of the shoes. Or the handbags. Or the umbrellas. get the picture. The exposition runs until the 31th of January so hurry up if you want to see it!

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