Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Farmers on tractors, tulips and windmills

Welcome to Country Bumpkinville!

In my case that's the most Northern province of the Netherlands where we've got a lot of farmers, windmills and tulips!

Here we're all bumpkins and there's nothing wrong with that. Tractors can be quite comfy....after a while.

Farmers are very happy people. They lead an exciting life; growing crops, harvesting, feeding chickens. But check out the flowers!

Yes, that's farmers too! We're not so country now, are we?

Dutch tulips. Aren't they pretty?

I'll be posting all sorts of random things on this blog - whatever preoccupies me whether it be a recipe or a new lamp.

Btw, this blog is called Country Bumpkin in the City because I like to travel. Tomorrow I'm off to London for a few days so I'll take some pics and report back on Sunday.

See yous then, bumponians and have a nice bumpkin!

Lady Tulip


  1. Lovin' that banner at the top there. Who made it? =P

    Hahaha. jk <3

    Great start for another great blog! Looking forward to more! ^^

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